• 15 %


    This is the standard rate. You document your stuff, post, and ship.

  • 20%


    Get your item featured! We will take your documentation and post your surf good for you with our clean look.

  • 35%


    We will document your item for you, market the sale on all of our platforms, and create a strategy for getting your good sold! Items in this category must be appraised at over $500 to be considered.

  • 7%

    Business Standard

    This is the standard rate for all types of businesses. You will document, post, and ship your items.

  • 15%

    Business Premium

    Get your item featured! Drive more traffic to your storefront. You will document, post and ship your items.

Contact us directly if you'd like to sell in any commission bracket above Standard.

Buying and Selling: How To's

Take time to read through the buyer and seller information below. This is how it all goes down!


The first thing to do is make an account. Its free, easy, and we don't ask for any sensitive information.

Buying on Surf Exchange Company is like buying on any ordinary eccomerce site. The goal is to make buying secondhand as easy as buying new. All categories of good are hassle-free to purchase except for the following types: Surfboards. These items are currently pickup only. You will need to contact the seller first in order to confirm pickup or schedule shipping on your own terms. We offer Storage and Delivery services for all items in the New England area. Contact us for more information at surfexchangecompany@gmail.com

Forms of payment: PayPal, Visa, Discover, Mastercard

( We highly recommend purchasing with PayPal in order to qualify for buyer protection. Its free! )

Shipping: When you purchase an item, the seller will be notified immediately and will have up to 7 days to ship your item. They will be notified by us after 3 days and notified again at 6 days. If we do not hear from the seller, you will be refunded immediately. We will grant extensions on shipping as long as the buyer and seller agree upon terms.

All shipping is Fixed-rate site wide. Items sold over $750 will need to be shipped with insurance. We are hoping to intergrate third-party calculated shipping in the future.

Purchase Protection: Your protection is our priority. Surf Exchange Company offers a Money Back Gurantee if your item never shows up or is not as described. We also recommend buying with PayPal in order to receive their comprehensive Buyer Protection. You MUST have an account on Surfexchangecompany.com in order to be eligible for the program. You have a 30 day period, from receiving the item, to reach out and open a claim.

  • Create an account

    Sign up for quicker checkout, order history, and PayPal Purchase Protection.

  • Purchase an item

    Payment methods :

    - PayPal (Recommended)

    - Visa

    - Mastercard

    - Discover

  • Get it shipped

    Shipping is simplified to Flat-rate only. This keeps it easy for sellers to use their preferred provider.

  • Stay Protected

    Know your purchasing with our Money-Back Guarantee. We also recommend purchasing with PayPal for their Buyer Protection.


We want to make selling on Surf Exchange Company easy and worth your time! That is why we've been building out the Multi-vendor marketplace with individual perks and commission ranges. You can sell as an individual or a small business with marketing options!

Forms of Payment : PayPal only

Payouts Sent : Wednesday following proof of shipment and order fulfillment

Upload Drops : Every FRIDAY 12pm EST all approved uploads go live

Signing up as a Seller is free, easy, and only takes minutes. You must create or have a PayPal account. This is how you'll receive your payouts from us. Payouts will be processed and sent the following Wednesday after we've received confirmation that the item has shipped with tracking information. Why PayPal? PayPal offers extensive (and free) protection for you. We can work along side you during your claims. You can also feel secure in knowing the payment and claims system is all in one place. This means you don't have to give up any banking or sensitive information to Surf Exchange Company or customers ever. Your security as a seller is our top priority. 

Seller Portal: Signing up to sell happens here. It is free and only takes a few simple steps. You will need to take time to set up your dashboard, input your PayPal information, and stylize your personal profile. People will be shopping by products and sellers. So, we're very excited to offer this new storefront option. 

Shipping: All products will offer Flat-rate shipping only. It is the responsibility of the seller to quote general shipping when posting the item. If a customer reaches out about changing the shipping cost before purchasing an item to get an accurate quote, that decision is the sellers. Sellers have 7 days to ship their items. An auto-generated reminder will be sent after 3 days after the sale and a final six days after. If we do not hear from the Seller by 7 days after the sale, the money will be returned to the customer and the seller will receive a notice.

  • Apply as Seller

    Sign up as a seller! This is free and easy.

  • Create your profile

    This is where the fun begins! Verify your account, setup your Dashboard, input your PayPal information, and get creative with your storefront.

  • Start posting

    Once your account is complete, it's time to start posting your surf goods. Posts also need to be approved before going live. We drop all new uploads every Friday at 12pm EST.

  • Get paid

    Once your item sells, ship it with 7 days and upload tracking information for your customer. Then we will get you paid! Payments are sent the following Wednesday after proof of shipment.