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Small surf business is here!

We're not only focused on sustainably sourcing and selling used surf goods. We also want to support surf businesses making an impact. Head over to the Small Business marketplace to see what's on offer!

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Board Swaps and events

Nothing on the schedule yet.

How-to and Tutorial Video's

Over the next few weeks, we're planning on producing and rolling out a series of How-to and Step-by-step videos for a widge range of things you probably want to know about. 

Encylopedia of surf-related businesses

This encyclopedia of will include any and all types of surf related businesses! Photographers, shapers, artists, muscians, you name it. We want to create an open source directory for business owners and customers to use as they wish.

Shipping surfboards

We all know the struggle of moving boards around. We're working on a solution for that. We dont not currently allow sellers to ship surfboards ( Local pickup only ) but we are working on building a system for just that. If you need help with getting a board to your door contact us to see your options!